Interview 30



MiMi: How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?
Chynna: One daughter; Camylle, age 4 (her birthday is March 30th so I’m just rounding up)
MiMi: What are some of the struggles you face as a working mom? How have you been able to cope with these challenges?
Chynna: The biggest challenge I face is trying to have enough time for myself. I work from home, I never wanted to put my daughter into any daycare. I personally just have too many reservations about them and wanted to keep her near me. My partner is heavily involved with Camylle, but his job requires him to work out of the country. So oftentimes I have single mom duties though I’m not single. It gets tough trying to make time for business ventures, working part-time, exercise and self-care, cooking healthy meals and making time for my relationship. To cope with these challenges, I’ve had to start waking up around 5-6 am each day. I work my part-time job very early and then I am able to get some things accomplished for my own business before my daughter wakes up.
It’s not always fool-proof because sometimes my daughter will wake up while I’m trying to work and she will definitely get in my way. I try to keep her in many activities. We are members of the YMCA and they offer many recreational classes for kids and when you’re a member, they are very reasonably priced. I will schedule her class 4-5 days out of the week and while she’s having fun, I’m sitting in the corner getting things done. After her class, I put her in the child-watch at the YMCA for up to 2 hours and I will get a quick workout in and if I have any work leftover afterward, I will sit and get it completed before I pick her up from child-watch. Again, not always foolproof, but It’s definitely a good way to get things done with a child who isn’t school-aged.
MiMi: Do you feel the roles of women have changed over the years, in regards to working outside the home? If so, how?
Chynna: Absolutely, I grew up in a family where my mom was not “required” to work but once I started college, she decided to go back to work because she was tired of being in the house. I was always taught to work for what I have and I have held a job since the age of 15. Upon meeting my current partner and traveling with him for his job, it always left me feeling out of place knowing he would be the one bringing in all of the finances. It always left me feeling like a child or burden always having to explain when I wanted something versus just buying it on my own. I wanted to continue to travel with him, so I knew I needed to find something I could do remotely. 
MiMi: What activities do you like to engage in with your family when you find the time?
Chynna: We love to travel. We are a family that is into experiences versus tangible gifts. 
MiMi: If you could offer just 1 piece of advice to a mother who finds it difficult to work outside the home and take care of family, what would it be?
Chynna: I understand that everyone wasn’t meant to start their own businesses, so I don’t want to just suggest that. I would suggest working on finding remote jobs that could bring you in multiple streams of income. There are so many jobs that can make you good money without you even stepping outside of your home. I do online tutoring and my publishing business is online-based.
MiMi: Thank you Chynna for being apart of my working mom series.

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