Everywhere we look these days it seems as though there is some company shouting heyyy save money with us! Many times, as we read the fine print; we discover it was just a gimmick. There are some legitimate ways to earn cashback. I am going to share some of my favorite companies that either give you a little incentive to keep shopping with them or earn cashback.

  1. Rakuten: This company is formally known as Ebates. They are affiliated with over 25,oo0 stores and gaining, with Rakuten you earn cashback on the purchases you would normally make. The payout is every 3 months and sometimes Rakuten will offer double your cashback days! These are fun, you’ll want to take advantage of that! They also have refer and earn, If you refer a friend, and they spend $25.00 they will automatically give that person $10.00 and you get $25.00.This company is 100% legit! I just received my 3rd check on Feb 9th! Go ahead and cash in! You won’t regret it!

  2. Kohls: Kohls is a store that constantly gives you $10.00 cash rewards. I like this about Kohls. You don’t have to always feel like your spending money and never getting anything in return! I have taken my $10.oo coupon and literally didn’t buy anything else. I just spent the $10.00 on a cute pair of earrings! (Better yet, shop Kohls through Rakuten and get even more bang for your buck!)

  3. Staples: Who knew? I used to think staples were a little costly…well I still do. I’m glad they started giving up those $10.00 reward coupons! You no longer have to be so afraid to shop at Staples, the rewards program is pretty good. I love the fact those coupons come right to my email box, I print them off and head for the store! Oh, and don’t forget to turn in those handy dandy empty ink cartridges, they will give you $2 back in rewards (if you make a purchase).

  4. Lane Bryant: If you love to shop online ladies. You will love Lane Bryant’s sales! Lane Bryant can be costly, so the savings you get from their rewards programs and online sales make up for the prices! (Shop Lane Bryant through Rakuten and cash in those savings!)

  5. Hewlett Packard: This is my second absolute favorite next to Rakuten
    I was truly tired of purchasing all of that expensive ink for my printer. I finally enrolled in the program, and I never run out of ink! I get ink delivered right to my front door and I pay $2.99 a month! Sweeet, If you haven’t yet enrolled, do so! HP bases the amount you pay not on ink, but the sheets you use each month, so pick the program that is right for you!

Happy Shopping


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