What’s in a friendship? A true friend is someone that has your best interest at heart. They make themselves available for you. They don’t just take from you like bloodsuckers, but they give as well. They are not jealous and in competition with you. They keep your secrets and defend your name against slander. They walk with you in the sunlight and the rain. They listen to you, really listen. They don’t pretend to have a quick fix or an answer to all your problems, sometimes they just hold your hand and share your pain.

They invite you over when they only have tuna and Fritos because a true friend knows a fancy meal isn’t necessary, they only want your company. They don’t act any differently when the so-called important people show up, because they consider you equally important and they value you. A friend is someone who is loyal, you can truly count on them because you know them. They don’t surprise you with a whole new personality according to who is in the room.

A friend gets it! Why? Simply because they get YOU! They know your name. I am blessed to have at least 3 true friends. I value these women because they are special, you won’t find many in this world, they are like precious stones. Sometimes you may think you have found a gem, but it turns out to be tarnished silver, and it can make you angry or sad. That’s okay, don’t try to scrub them clean and make them new, let them go. They showed you who they are. You hang on to those 1 or 2 precious gems and never let go.

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