As a self-starting entrepreneur, one of the most important things you need to know is, what your brand is. It can be difficult because you may have a few ideas in mind and maybe your brand is more than one product or idea. Narrowing down what you want your brand to be is very important so that you can reach your target audience! It can take a few months to really get a handle on who you are in relation to your brand, and in many cases; you may just be the brand! Once you know without a doubt what your brand is, you need to figure out who your target audience is.


Now that you are absolutely sure of what your brand is, and who your audience is; it is time to get serious and organized. Start planning out your social media outlets. Which ones will you use? Not all social media outlets work for all people. What colors will represent your brand best? Which photos will you use? You want your social media posts to be as professional as possible. The competition is steep; make your posts appealing. You must draw in your audience; however, you won’t be able to do that with a plethora of random posts that appear junky, and irrelevant. It’s like writing an essay; don’t deviate from the main topic! Keep your brand messaging as the center of your focus at all times! Every photo, color, and phrase should tell your audience what your brand is, and what your message is! No one should be guessing about your brand and least of all you!


Dressing your brand is the fun part! Make sure it stands out. Yes, it needs bells and whistles, but not too much! The key is to ATTRACT, NOT DISTRACT! Have you ever gone to a girlfriend’s apartment and saw some really interesting things; however, It looked more like a museum than a home? You want your posts to welcome people so that they stick around long enough to check you out. Don’t overwhelm your audience! I wanted to impart some knowledge I have gained in my journey to creating a brand. It hasn’t been easy, but I continue to learn and grow as I’m sure you will too!








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