Think Pink!

How aware are you? Every year MiMi has made it her mission to post a blog about breast cancer. It just sort of fell into my lap. I didn’t go seeking a cause. I enjoy researching and learning about this disease. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and also a close friend of the family. I also know many others who have been affected by the disease. Early detection is key! I encourage women to get their mammograms every year. There are ways to limit your risk of getting breast cancer. Diet and exercise (yes, this is a risk for me!). Believe it or not, long periods of sitting may increase your risk! Crazy huh? (MiMi’s got this one licked!) Limit or avoid alcohol altogether! Avoid or limit hormone replacement therapy! Always support those who are suffering with this disease, it can be a very lonely process! Take care of yourselves, think pink! Stay healthy! Always support someone who is fighting this battle, it can be a frightening and lonely battle! For more information, please log on to this amazing site




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