This is the first time I have blogged in about 6 months. It seems like forever, as I lost my dear sweet mother and best friend on  June the 5th 2019. In and out of depression, and no energy to devote to blogging has pretty much been why I haven’t done this. I have to say the depression isn’t bad where I don’t come out of the house or anything, (I’ve been there before, it’s not pretty as I’m sure all you depression survivors out there well know). I just simply didn’t have the energy to write and when you don’t have the energy to do the things you love it seems as though it will last forever, but it didn’t because here I am finally writing about it!

My mother was literally my best friend, she always had my back when no one else did. It was me and her the hard way. I can remember so many funny situations we got ourselves in throughout the years, so much so that I referred to us as Lucy and Ethel!  My mother was a non-driver and I didn’t own a vehicle at the time, so we spent a lot of time busing it or getting a taxi. This one particular evening we were out shopping, eating enjoying a movie something of that sort (I don’t remember exactly but that is pretty much what we liked to do on the weekends) We had overextended our transportation curfew! Buses stopped running at a certain time, so we resorted to calling a taxi. We lived in Southern California at the time. I remember my mom sort of being sarcastic with the taxi driver for not coming when expected! Needless to say, we were the only 2 out, there was no one else downtown, it was pretty late, so it was somewhat spooky! I said “mom I don’t think you should have done that…we need this taxi driver! She brushed it off, but needless to say he never showed up! We called 2 more times after that and nothing!

We proceeded to walk very briskly over the bridge! on to the other side of town! We laughed later about the whole thing! I often reminded her of her sarcasm and how it just wasn’t the right time to get smart with a California taxi driver! Never have I walked so fast in my life and I don’t think she has either! Another amusing thing we liked to do is pretend to be Rich! (LOL) or at least wealthy! We discovered one evening when we were in the mall and decked in our finest attire. It was cold out and we had recently purchased really nice coats and we had jewelry on. We were looking pretty nice I suppose, but we seemed to be treated so well in the store that evening! The sales clerks were approaching us left and right wanting us to sample this and that for the hopes of a purchase! We had so much fun that night, and we chuckled on the way home; never had we been treated so nice! I mean it was over the top, even for sales clerks. We finally agreed it must have been because they assumed we had money! This event caused us once a year when we wanted to do something fun…to spontaneously look at one another and one of us would extend the offer.  ” Hey, you want to go out shopping and pretend to be rich?” The answer was always affirmative! It was a silly thing to do, but oh so enjoyable!

I could go on and on about the situations we got into, and almost always handled with laughter and a lesson learned. How I miss her. The good times, and the rough times. I miss her Mexican food and beer, her laughter, her advice, her insisting on arching my eyebrows with a pair of scissors! Yes, you heard right. Scissors! MiMi finally had to put a stop to that. She was getting older, and at one point she had the scissors and she was aiming straight for my eyeball!! Her gray eyes squinting as she struggled to find where she wanted to begin my beauty treatment!  I told her “mom I think I’m calling it quits, I enjoy seeing!” She really got a laugh out of that; we both did! We went to a roaring twenties ball and breakfast together. Carnivals to raise money for battered and abused women, (for her job at the time) worked a concession stand at a Lollapalooza concert with family and friends in order to raise money! It was the most fun ever, While Snoop dog was performing,  we were frantically serving up fries, cokes and other goods to concert goers! Some appreciative, others with young sarcastic humor not enough to make you mad just enough to impress you with quick wit and a tidbit of rebelliousness.

I could go on and on about our adventures, but I’ll stop here. I do realize this is a blog post, and quite frankly if you have made it this far, I am thoroughly impressed. I would love to hear your comments about some of the funny situations you have gotten into with a loved one. If you would like to share a memory of someone you lost, I would love to hear that as well. Thank you for allowing me to share a little about my life with my mom.

I can’t wait to see her again. I know we’ll still run into some funny situations!


  1. Hey Lori! Loved your shared memories of sister Lois! I really miss her as well! I think about her when I use my back scratcher. I know she kept one close by too. I don’t think we could do without them. Just can’t wait to see her again too. I have a funny situation that I could share. It’s about my grandbabe. This happened the Sunday before the 25th of December. I had my grandbabe over for a visit. Just like any other regular visit she has some of the most inquiring questions. This particular day she says to me “MiMi you don’t celebrate Christmas like the Grinch”! Now I had to clarify things for her. So I said “do I act like the Grinch”? No she responded. I said “do I look like the Grinch”? No she replied. Then I went on to tell her that the reason why I don’t celebrate Christmas is because Jesus’ birth date is not on December 25th. She then gave me the biggest hug and said “I didn’t think you were like the Grinch”! She is so inquisitive and asking the right questions. Even though she lives in another household if she asks a question I’m going to tell her the truth. She’s my grandbabe and the truth is always right. I hope my experience is not too long for readers. Thanks for allow me to share.

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