MiMi’s Weight Loss Journey-A New Beginning!

Okay, so maybe I was a little overzealous, MiMi and Lisa’s weight loss journey is no longer. It is MiMi’s weight loss journey, I realized, although; it sounded really good, Partnering up isn’t for me. It’s comparable to 2 alcoholics trying to help each other get sober! This is my journey and mine ALONE! I have to be strong and do this on my own and strictly for me! That is EXACTLY what I’m going to do. I have goals for 2019! Perhaps some of you have read them, well weight loss is one of them! I don’t want to let this year fly by without having completed the things I set out to complete. I’m not knocking the partner thing or anything else, please, by all means, use whatever method is working for you! I’m strictly speaking about MiMi (LOL). This is a road trip I must take ALONE and that’s perfectly fine. I’m willing to do that because it’s going to ultimately lead to success! So… here goes! Root for me! I’m starting all over again! Send your inspiring thoughts and quotes I welcome it! Goodbye to the old and welcome to the new! I’m excited all over again! I will post before and after pics and updated information on MiMi’s journey every now and then! Stay tuned! It’s going to be AWESOME!


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