Meet The Curator Of Cool!


AGE: 29



MiMi: What is the meaning behind your blog name, Curator of Cool?

Endurance: So, the Curator of Cool originated from the concept of a museum. A curator in a museum or gallery oversees a collection of exhibits in a museum or art gallery. That ideal resonated with me and I thought, if a curator oversees these cultural and artistic collections, then why can’t we do that with our own personal style. This thought all happened as I was listening to Lupe Fiasco’s album the Cool and that’s when it all clicked.

MiMi: How would you describe your sense of style?

Endurance: I would describe my sense of style as an adaptive timeless uniform. Most of the clothing in my wardrobe have been a slow accumulation of certain pieces that I’ve picked up here and there over the years. The reason I mentioned adaptive, is that with time I’ve learned to push the boundaries of my style by looking at different style icons and how effortless their style is. I’ve picked up a couple things that helps enhance my style in the various looks or uniforms that I’m in.

MiMi: Do you feel that your sense of fashion reflects who you are? (If yes,) how so?

Endurance: My fashion reflects parts of who I am. For example, you could say with some of the looks that I put together that I pay attention to detail and think outside of the box. You could say my own sense of fashion gives you an introduction into who I am even before I open my mouth. But it does not give you a full reflection of who I am. I think for all of us that resides in the way we put outfits together that provide a greater insight into who we are.

MiMi: Were you always interested in fashion in your earlier years?

Endurance: Growing up as a Washington DC/ Maryland native, I saw different styles of fashion early in my middle school days. I joke with people and say DMV natives are born with fashion because we have this knack for a style that was very vibrant and colorful. My parents taught me very early on, despite what others may have and what you lack, you shouldn’t try to emulate them but rather remain yourself. I think that still stands true for me today and my style.

MiMi: Who’s sense of style inspires you? and why?

Endurance: This is a great question, there are a number of icons that I admire, because of their inspiration to me… Idris Elba, Marc Anthony, Lebron James, Travis Kelce, Orlando Scandrick, Cam Newton, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Sterling K Brown, PJ Tucker, Kerby Jean-Raymond just to name a few. They each inspire me because their styles are all different in their own unique way. Since their occupations are different, I’m able to find different uniforms/ or different key pieces that I try to add to my own style. What works for them may not exactly work for me, but I have to try it out and find the ways that it’s successful for me.

MiMi: Is there something you would like to see more of in regard to men’s clothing? 

Endurance: In men’s clothing or just fashion in general I think people tend to focus more on trends and brands. I think for men’s clothing I’d like to see more original bold concepts. Women’s clothing tends to push the envelope more so it’ll be interesting to see how men’s clothing continues to evolve and grow.

MiMi: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Endurance: hope to continue as an established blogger, fashion/celebrity stylist, who’s work continues to inspire others, while creating clothing for people to truly enjoy.

MiMi: Thank you, for sharing your thoughts on fashion!

Endurance: I’m thankful for this opportunity, and for those looking to figure out what their style is tune into my blog or find me on instagram@Curatorofcool Youtube: The Curator of Cool

And don’t forget, curate your own cool!


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