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MiMi: How many children do you have? What are their names and ages?
Lauren: Donovan Floyd is my only, and he’s 1 year old.
MiMi: What struggles do you face as a working mom?
Lauren: As an entrepreneur, providing a steady income is a major source of stress for me. I can stretch a dollar like nobody’s business, and my husband is more than capable of handling the bills. Still, I want to be able to support my family financially. I’ve always been able to earn a living as a reporter. But a few months after I had my son, I had to stop working because I couldn’t find childcare to cover my 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift. Soon after, I started my millennial mommy blog Honeycomb Moms and started picking up freelance work.
MiMi: How have you been able to cope with these challenges?
Lauren: Freelance writing opportunities and side hustles I can do from home, like test grading; have been beyond helpful. Although I take on a lot, very little I do feels like work because it’s enjoyable.
MiMi: What does a typical day look like for your household?
Lauren: I wake up, change the baby, drop a few toys in his crib and spend about 15 minutes promoting my blog posts on social media. I then take him out of his crib, turn on some jazz and let him play with the baskets, books and blocks in my office while I finish promoting posts. Then, we get dressed, head downstairs for fruit and oatmeal, and I take my son out to a story time or a children’s museum to interact with other moms and him with children. He eats small meals throughout the day (stuff like veggie purees, black beans, yogurt and pico de gallo). He naps when we come home, and I work. When he wakes up, I watch him play, read to him and make dinner (about three times a week). I bath him every other day, and put him to bed about 7:30 p.m. At that point, I do light cleaning and work until I go to sleep, usually around midnight. Luckily, my son only wakes up once around 3 a.m. for milk, so I just hand him a sippy cup and get back to sleep. On nights I can’t sleep, I write. My husband travels a lot for work. But when he’s home about two or three days a week, he usually takes the baby in the mornings, feeds him breakfast and gets him ready for our mother-son outings. He works, does his laundry and takes care of errands in our absence. And when the baby and I return, my husband takes Donovan after his nap for father-son time. They watch sports, wrestle on the carpet and play with toys before dinner. Then, my husband works the rest of the night. We generally are at our laptops together.
MiMi: Describe what a perfect day would be like for your family?
Lauren: I really do think our days are pretty close to perfect. I would love for Donovan to sleep through the night. My husband would like to travel less, and I would like to see more money flowing in from my blog. But I believe all of those things will happen with time.
MiMi: If you had 1 piece of advice to offer a working mom what would it be?
Lauren: Make sure you’re happy. It’s OK to be tired. It’s OK to work hard, but modeling unhappiness is dangerous
MiMi: Thank you Lauren for being apart of my Working Mom Series!


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