A Form Of Self Love

You know what I find interesting? I am really shocked by the number of individuals who reject a compliment or find some way to minimize it once you have given them one. There are also many people who won’t accept a gift or try hard not to.

The dialogue usually goes something like this:

Dianna: Wow Malorie, that is a beautiful blouse

Malorie: Oh this old thing…I got it from the thrift store, several months ago, It’s nothing.

(A simple thank you would have been sufficient.)

Joan: I really wish I could buy some ice tea, but I forgot my wallet.

You: I have some extra change, here…(extending the change)

Joan: Oh  no I can’t take your change

You: I insist…(Joan has given you change before on multiple occasions)

Joan: No hun, keep it

You: Joan, take it…

Joan: I’m really not that thirsty…

I used to be one of those people. I  started really examining how it made me feel, when I gave compliments and the individual was so dead set on wrecking it, it almost made me feel foolish for having given it in the first place! I came to the conclusion that these people are not accustomed to accepting any form of kindness. They may mask it as independence. Perhaps they don’t feel worthy of a compliment, or an act of kindness.

I’m certainly no psychologist, this is my own view. It makes perfect sense to me because nothing else does. I had to ask myself some questions. Why do I reject compliments or cut them down? Why do I feel the need to refuse things offered to me? There were no logical reasons. I decided I was worth someone being kind to me. I was going to love myself enough to let good things happen to me, no matter how big or how small. My life has been so much better, ever since! Love yourself enough to let good happen for you!





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