MiMi & Lisa’s weight loss Journey: Part 1

I am extremely excited to be blogging about my weight loss journey! I am going to be very real here because I want to inspire! I also want to be inspired! If you have ever struggled with your weight then no doubt you know the struggle is real okay?  2019 is my year for eating healthy, being more active and basically making a lifestyle change! I have been down this road before and have even had some success! It was never enough to make a real difference! I have always turned back to my same old habits… lots of fast food, Pepsi, and sweets! As a forty-something woman, I really need to take control of my weight!

A Little Bit About My Background

At the age of 13 I began to really show signs of overeating. It spiraled out of control! It kept going and going and going and I kept hearing things like: “What you have is baby fat”. It will come off, you’ll see, therefore; I kept waiting for it to just come off (LOL). Fast forward to many years later and I suffer from obesity!

Education is Key

I was never educated about eating healthy and why it’s important. I didn’t play on any sports teams! My severely overprotective mom denied my request to join the drill team, which was the one thing I really was interested in. This activity would have been a great way to keep my body moving. I was 11 by this time and I wasn’t fat, but definitely a big girl. This was the time for mom to step in and limit my use of food and educate me on why this is beneficial. Those talks never happened and I simply ate what I wanted, when I wanted and how much I wanted. I am not passing blame, because now I’m an adult and I must be the captain of my own ship. I just know early intervention would have contributed a great deal to my food choices and lifestyle. I work with a wonderful group of 4th graders and when I witness them choosing to eat a salad instead of hamburgers or pizza, it makes my heart go pitter pat.  I assume this comes from home. It’s what their parents have introduced them to and they know it’s good food, it tastes good and it’s good for you. Away from their parents’ eyes, they could choose to have fattening foods but they want a salad, how cool is that?

Approaching Lisa

I approached my Co-worker Lisa, about partnering with me to beat the battle of the bulge. Let’s just say there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of enthusiasm. Lisa and I frequented McDonald’s and Wendy’s for lunch. She and I have similar energy and a lot in common including our love for food. I had thought about how to approach Lisa. She has never been anything but honest with me, and although she consented she assured me it would have to be after December!  (there was no way she would be resisting all the goodies available at this time). I told her that would be great!

Weighing In

Fast forward to January 4th 2019! We weighed in, and will continue to weigh in every Thursday! I’ll be posting lots of pictures of Lisa and me, as well as, foods we have eaten, and the weight we lose bi-weekly. I’m so jazzed about this adventure! Come along, join the fun! Comment, share any tips you think might help us, or join our journey and lose weight with us! Next time I will talk about the direction we decided to go in terms of diet.


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