Interview 26






MiMi:  How many children do you have? What are their names and ages?

Lauren:  I have one son named Paxton who will be 1 tomorrow (12/31).

MiMi: What struggles do you face as a working mom? How have you been able to cope with these challenges?

Lauren:  Time and mom guilt are my biggest struggles. I’ve made a point of planning everything and focusing on tasks with “power hours”.  That helps me get the most done during limited time.  I also utilize all available time like time spent waiting.  The mom guilt part… I’m still working on, so I don’t have great tips for that.

MiMi: What does a typical day look like for your household?

Lauren: We all get up around 5:45ish.  Paxton and my husband (John) play in our bedroom/bathroom while I get ready for work.  Then I take Paxton and get him breakfast while John gets ready for the day.  While Paxton is feeding himself I pack my lunch, make coffee and grab a breakfast to go. After Paxton eats, I get him dressed and brush his teeth.  Then I may have a few minutes to play with him before leaving for work at 7:15.  John stays home with Paxton during the day.  He takes care of the household to-do list which includes all the random tasks and errands that need to be done.  He also cooks dinner.  I get home at 6:20 and play with Paxton for a few minutes.  If Paxton hasn’t eaten yet, I feed him dinner.  Then I give Paxton a bath, a bedtime story, and a bottle and put him to bed around 7 pm.  Once Paxton is in bed, I shower and get into PJs while John finishes cooking dinner.  We eat dinner and I work on my blog or a craft project or we watch something on TV.  We go to bed between 9:30 and 10.

MiMi:  Describe what a perfect day would be like for your family?

Lauren:  A perfect day is one where my son is happy and gets enough sleep so that he’s in a good mood.  A perfect day would also involve me getting home from work an hour or two earlier so I had more time to play with Paxton.  In general, though, our schedule works and I like my career, so I don’t have too many complaints.

MiMi: If you had 1 piece of advice to offer a working mom what would it be?

Lauren:  Focus on the positive of being a working mom.  How you look at it, makes a big difference.  I wrote this post a few weeks ago as I was thinking about why I like being a working mom despite the challenges it comes with

MiMi: Thank you, Lauren, for being a part of my working mom Series!

Lauren:  Thanks for including me, and best of luck to all working moms!



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