Have you made Goals for 2019?


A brand new year is fast approaching. Can you believe it? Are we really entering 2019? How has your year been? Did you accomplish the goals you set in motion? I sure hope you did. MiMi is always rooting for you! If I am going to be perfectly honest, I didn’t do so well at meeting my goals for 2018; actually, I did pretty lousy. No need to fret! 2019 is the year to make things happen right?

In 2014, I was flying high; reaching my goals I set in motion, and it was AWESOME! I have wanted that same euphoria ever since, and haven’t quite got there! Well, it’s 2019 and things are going to improve!  How about you? Comment and tell me about it. I am genuinely interested in how 2018 has been for you. Share some of your goals for 2019 and how you plan to accomplish them!  Subscribe and receive my beautiful free printable 2019 calendar I designed with you in mind, so you can plan out an AWESOME 2019! Thanks for stopping in, all the best to you and yours!





  1. Working on setting goals now. I am going to start with a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and then go into the year goal. I think if I reach some of the smaller goals it will help me stay on task and motivated to reach the year goal.

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