Sudsy Sunday

I usually create my soaps on Soaping Saturday! This time the soap bug hit me on Sunday, and I couldn’t very well call this soaping Sunday, (that name is reserved for Saturdays). If I soap on Sunday, I will call it Sudsy Sunday! WALA! What do you think? I like it. Don’t you just love being creative? We are always making a fuss over the littlest things but that is our nature, right? These soaps are super fun to make. They smell wonderful and look wonderful!

The picture actually does not do it justice! The 60z bar of soap is so rich and moist, it’s incredible. All of you body wash babes will abandon your body wash, guaranteed; once you rub this bar of soap over your skin! I use the best ingredients and when you rub your finger across it, look at your finger you can see it is moist and it will leave your skin moisturized and not dried out! I’m so in love with these soaps I would literally buy them from myself if I could (LOL). I will soon be selling them and I will have giveaways so that you can try them! I’m very anxious for some feedback! The fragrances for these soaps were peach mango for the square one and the larger bar (60z bar) is coconut!



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