5 Tips For Surviving The Pitfalls Of Social Media And Blogging

1. Don’t Become overwhelmed

When you are a blogger, it is necessary to have a minimum of 3 social media sites or more. Some people have 10! I can’t imagine that. I personally operate 4 and believe me that is enough! Pace yourself and rotate. If you don’t check on all your social media sites in 1 day, the world won’t come to an end! I like to check the social media sites where people are most engaged first and then move on to the others. This way you are taking care of what is most helpful for your business or blog right away, and if you happen not to check on the other ones at that moment, it’s no big deal!

2. Be A Team player

Do you like when people follow you? Do you like when people comment on your material? Do you appreciate compliments? Of course, you do. Why not do the same for someone else? The blogging community is literally saturated with every kind of a promotion from bullet journaling and baby news to relationship advice and business coaching! I sincerely don’t understand why following back is such a big deal for so many people! Many bloggers join groups in order to grow their business. I can’t tell you how many times I have followed someone, and the person didn’t reciprocate! That says that you feel what you have to offer is better than the other guy. You can follow me but I’m going to skip out on following you! This crosses the boundaries in my opinion. We are here to SUPPORT one another PERIOD. That doesn’t mean that you follow for 24 hours and unfollow afterward! That is shady blogger biz, and you lose your credibility. The bottom line: Just Play Fair, you’ll find you are happier doing the right thing!

3. Be Consistent

Post regularly on social media. Don’t go MIA  for a month or 2 and then pop up, expecting to keep your supporters. People are easily bored in this fast-paced world we live in. Keep your material coming. There is someone waiting to hear what you have to say, and you don’t want to disappoint them!

4. Love What You Do

If you are passionate about your content, it is going to show up! Your followers will see that you are sincere and your message will shine through loud and clear. Give your blogger fans your best. That means you have triple checked your content to make sure mistakes are down to a minimum. It also means you didn’t just throw something together for the sake of posting because you haven’t done it in a while and you need to push out content. You may think your followers won’t notice, however;  true blog readers will know.

5. Never Give Up

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging Groups, Follows, Unfollows, low engagement…it all can take you by storm. You wear many hats as a blogger. you are a photographer, a writer, mentor, marketing strategist, graphic designer, Social Media expert and more. Blogging is a tough business, but no doubt you love what you do or else you wouldn’t be doing it! Don’t give up! Remember all you really need is passion and purpose! You can survive anything that comes your way, including the pitfalls of social media.

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