Gender Reveal

Okay, I’m just a little bit late on this topic. When my niece asked me to help get things prepared for her gender Reveal, my response was: “What is a gender reveal?” She explained that it is when you reveal the sex of your baby at a party. I said I would like to help. My niece gave me the sealed envelope and I was sworn to secrecy. I was the only one who knew the sex of the baby.

She would be cracking eggs on her forehead along with her husband pink and blue boiled eggs until someone cracked the raw egg that would reveal the baby ‘s sex! I died the eggs and prepared the centerpiece! The couple took turns cracking eggs on their heads until at last the husband picked up a blue egg and smashed it against his forehead, and low and behold there was this oozing egg yolk dripping down his face! They will be having yet another boy! They currently have 2 boys, a 4-year-old and a 2 yr old.  My have things changed through the years! Just a good old fashioned baby shower would have been sufficient for me! How about you? Do you like the idea of having a gender reveal? Would you rather have a traditional baby shower? Share your thoughts about gender reveals with MiMi!

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