DIY Crafts For Kids!


Well, it’s time you knew what a big KID I am! I absolutely love DIY projects for kids! I sometimes feel as though I enjoy it more then they do! Pinterest is full of really cute, fun ideas for the kiddos!

Winter is fast approaching, heck where I live, (PA) it has arrived a little early!  The school was closed on Friday the 16th due to all the snow! I didn’t have to work (I work at the local elementary school)It really came down! How about in your area? Did you get slammed?

There I go rambling, the reason I brought up winter…well, those indoor snowy days can be great for a DIY project with simple materials found around the house! Check out this cute little Olaf! Yes, I made it! Isn’t the little guy adorable? Pinterest is the Bomb, right? The kids are sure to be delighted with this fun activity!

Try some DIY projects and share what you made with MiMi, I would love to hear from you!




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