Passion and Purpose

What is your superpower? Do you love to cook, sew, photograph, write, or paint? Do you sail, run, bike ride, hike or make soap? (Smile)  Perhaps you love to coach others or mentor. There are a plethora of talents that exist, and you may possess one or a few of them!

Do you think about turning your superpower into a business? Well, you can! I have read about many people who are making money doing what they love to do! I have goals of my own! I thought about it and decided that all I really need to succeed is Passion and Purpose. Doesn’t that make sense?

If you are passionate about your talent, you will put your all into it. Why? It is because you truly love doing what you do! You love how it makes you feel, and you love the positivity it brings to those around you! This means you have a purpose! Your purpose is to give people a wonderful gift while loving every moment of doing it! Passion and purpose, that even sounds good rolling off the tongue doesn’t it? I hope I have inspired you. Don’t be a stranger! Come back soon!




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