MiMi’s Aware!

If you have been keeping up this month with MiMi’s blogs, then no doubt you know I have been posting about breast cancer! If you haven’t been keeping up, and you’re just joining  me; not a problem. You are aware that this is October and it is breast cancer awareness month, so I have been encouraging everyone who has not done so, to Fall into self care and schedule those mammograms! My mammogram was on October 10th and I have my results…Here goes…the results reads as follows: Your mammogram has shown no abnormality. Although mammography is the most accurate method of early detection, not all cancers are found with mammography. MiMi is happy about that! Support a friend, accompany her to a mammogram appointment if possible, She will especially need your support if the results show something abnormal. (About 1% of men have breast cancer, so it could be your friend is  male) Educate yourself, blog about it, raise awareness! I am so happy you were here to share my results! Until next time!


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