The Importance Of Self Care

There has been so much posted about self care, and rightfully so. It is so important! Women in particular, have such a load to carry, that we may tend to neglect our own wants and needs. We have to make a concerted effort to pay attention to how we are treating ourselves. As women we like to look good, and feel great. We need to spend some time planning for self care! Yes, some of our lives can be so hectic, we may have to pencil in that walk, or that long overdue hair appointment. Promise yourself you won’t just toss aside all the self care that makes you look and feel like a natural woman! Self care also includes our regular checkups to make sure our lady goods areĀ  healthy. This month schedule your mammogram if you have not already done so. Give yourself a gift, the gift of Self Care. What do you do to make sure you keep up on your need for physical activity, self grooming, and diet? I personally can use more of everything. Share your tips, thoughts and personal experiences. I would love to hear from you!


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