Fall into Self Care this Season!


This Fall, many people are talking about enjoying the season and it’s breathtaking beauty. Drinking  apple cider and curling up with a blanket and a good book. Candles giving off wonderful scents of the season! Well…it is a cozy fun time of the year, and It is also breast cancer awareness month! Make sure you schedule those mammograms, because early detection is key. I am practicing what I preach, mine is October 10th.

My aunt had breast cancer, as well as people close to my family. My aunt is now cancer free. She was diagnosed  with stage 2 breast cancer, and it was detected early enough so that she had a successful outcome! A very close friend was diagnosed just a few months ago, she will be undergoing radiation to make sure the cancer does not return, and she was also diagnosed early. We have lost others to this disease, but awareness is key. I kept thinking about what I could blog about for the month of October, and then it dawned on me. This is breast cancer awareness month, and it has hit close to home, many times. In October all my blogs will feature something about breast cancer awareness! If you have already gotten your exam, great! If not, start the season with some self care and schedule your mammogram!



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