Interview 23







MiMi: How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?

Angel: I have 2 children. Nova is 3 and Knox is 1.

MiMi: What challenges do you face as a working mom? How have you managed to cope with these challenges?

Angel:  As a working mom, you never feel as though there are enough hours in the day. We are avid planners from planning our weekly menu and shopping for it, to planning our workouts and who will pick and drop off the kids & when. We also say no A LOT, because we treasure our time with the kids and our date nights so we know “no” exists a lot so we have no regrets when they are older.

MiMi: What does meal time look like for your household?

Angel: We feed the kids breakfast at 7:15 every morning and then head to daycare. They each have a banana and granola, and then eat a second breakfast at daycare. They are big eaters! Evenings we have our menu planned and each meal is a max of 30 minutes to enable us to start eating by 6 p.m and done by 6:30.

MiMi: What are some of the activities you like to engage in with your family when you have the time?

Angel: We love to be outdoors! As much as we can we are out on family walks and runs, visiting parks and splash parks. We visit the lake home almost every weekend so we are swimming and playing games. Traveling is also frequent on our agenda: a few times a year we take an out of state trip.

MiMi: If you had just 1 piece of advice to offer a mother who finds it difficult to work outside the home and take care of family, what would it be?

Angel: My advice would be to find things you can say no to, and say no. Your time with your family, your health, and your spouse are of the utmost importance and saying no to things that take away from time in those areas need to be said no to. It is worth it!

MiMi: Thank you Angel for being a part of my working mom series!

Angel: You’re welcome! I love connecting and sharing with other mamas!

A Word From Angel:

As a working mom there are pressures coming from every angle. Your boss has expectations, your family needs you, your house is falling apart, your mom wants to see you, your in laws miss the grand kids. It’s important to hold strong in you and your family’s values and say yes to the things that align with those. It is not easy, and prioritizing yourself is important, so do not sacrifice that!




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