Interview 20





MiMi: How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?

Brittny: I have 2 little ones! Triniti is 6 and Bryce is 4.

MiMi: Do you feel the roles of women have changed in regards to work and the family over the years?

Brittny: Yes! Women are no longer just homemakers. We are out here working our 9-5, starting our own business; and still manage to keep a household running with or without a partner!

MiMi: What are some of the challenges you have faced as a working mom? How have you managed to cope?

Brittny: Scheduling is a major challenge for me at the moment. Both my kids are in school now, so sometimes; I find myself missing out on some of their programs because of work conflicts. What I do now is… go over my kids school calendars. I use that as a basis for when I schedule time off with my job throughout the year. I don’t always get approved unfortunately. Another big challenge for me in the workplace was being vocal about being a single parent, and how I didn’t have a large enough support system. I had to let my supervisors know that there would be times I needed to use my lunch hour to go pick up my kids from daycare or if an emergency happened I would need to leave work. I can say that I was blessed to have understanding supervisors who didn’t give me an extremely hard time about leaving work early or using my lunch break to pick up my children from daycare.

MiMi: When you find the time, what activities do you like to engage in as a family?

Brittny: It depends on the weather in Texas. If its nice and sunny, my kids love the park and playing on the swings together or a game of tag or visiting our local library for children’s story time! On other days…it’s our lounge- in kind of day. We will sit and play video games. My youngest is a big gamer like his father and I, so he is always trying to teach his big sister new moves. My oldest is into Anime like I am so when she is doing gaming she chooses a new series for us to start together.

MiMi: What does mealtime look like for your household?

Brittny: Mealtime in the beginning was “what do you want from whatever fast food place?” I worked a job where I didn’t get off until 10:pm and sometimes the people I left my children with didn’t or couldn’t feed them. Fast forward to now and meal time is the 3 of us sitting at the table laughing and talking over a home cooked meal or take out! I made a conscious decision that my next job  would allow us to eat together at all times. It might not always be the healthiest but it’s always the 3 of us sitting together letting our imaginations keep us close together.

MiMi: If you had 1 piece of advice to give a mother who finds it a challenge to balance career and family, what would it be?

Brittny: My advice for my fellow career mamas is to leave work at work! I know that might sound easier said than done. Some of us have pretty demanding jobs but being a mother is also demanding. When you’re at work you’re constantly in work mode. Giving your job the best possible…well your kids deserve the same! Bringing work home can bring on stress that doesn’t need to fill your home or take away attention and quality time from your kids. Moms who work from home… this applies to you also. If you set your own work hours, than stick to them. Once those work hours are over you take off your working hat and put on your mom hat! It’s not easy in the beginning but it is so beneficial for you and your kids in the long run.

MiMi: Thank you Brittny for being a part of my Working Mom Series!!






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