Is it worth it?


It is sometimes very hard to get motivated to pursue goals, when you just don’t know if it’s worth it. In my last post entitled “Be Inspired” I posted a pretty profound graphic, A young lady is really putting thought into which direction she would like to move in. You Better Think is the theme of that particular post.

I am writing about these things, because; I have certainly had to think about which career path I would like to take. I love to write, and I am extremely creative. I think I got it honestly, my mother has always been creative ever since I could remember.


I decided to put my ideas to work and see if I could generate income for myself using the talents I already possess. It is my desire, and goal to work for myself, and not to get out and hit it, if I don’t want too. I want to be able to set my own hours, and create my own deadlines and make my own money!

Mimisoapdish is just a baby. My dream is very young. I have a lot to learn about how to grow my business, brand myself and move forward. Have I had to ask myself Is it worth it? Yes! I ask myself that every day. Anything worth having is worth fighting for though wouldn’t you say? I want to grow this dream with you watching. I would like for you to grow yours too. I have counted the cost, and for me it is worth it! I am at a particular stage in my life where it is my turn. 

Are there ideas you have had sitting in the shelf of your mind collecting dust? If so… think about making it something that could work for you in terms of revenue, (If that is your desire). Count the cost. How expensive of an investment is this going to be, and if you read my other postings, you well know; I don’t just mean financially! I hope you feel a bit more inspired and a bit more motivated! 


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