Giving soap as a Gift!

As promised, I’m back with some more soap tips! Give the gift of soap! To make these particular soaps, I used the melt and pour method. I used goat milk soap base. You can pick it up from your favorite craft store if you like. I like to order mine whenever I am able to. My favorite places are Amazon and Brambleberry. I added some vitamin E, to my soap base for extra moisture. One of my favorite ingredients to use is almond milk, for great lather. You can melt your soap base by putting it in the microwave in 30 second intervals. If you do not like to use the microwave, use a double boiler! Make sure you stir your soap base every time you take it out the microwave. You must make sure the mixture is not clumpy and it is just right before pouring it into your soap mold! I like to rub olive oil into my soap mold before pouring my melted soap into the mold. This will help to remove the soap easily. (It does not have to be olive oil, you can use whatever oil you choose). I used apple jack peel fragrance, which I purchased from Brambleberry. I used 1/4 of an ounce t0 1 lb of soap base. If bubbles appear on the top of your soap after pouring it in, make sure you spritz it lightly with alcohol. Your alcohol should be in a spray bottle. When you pour your soap base into your mold, you need to place it in the refrigerator. Let it sit for an hour and remove, but only when completely solid! You should have your beautiful soap ready for giving! I purchased cellophane and ribbon for a buck at the dollar store! Yes, the dollar store! Stand back and watch the smiles light up when you give the gift of soap! I will see you right here next time at mimisoapdish, where I discuss soap and I dish!





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