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HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Jiu Jitsu, fitness, family, the beach, philanthropic work like the Elks and pediatric brain tumor and epilepsy awareness.

MiMi: How many children do you have? What are their names and ages?

Sarah: I have 1 biological child and 2 step children. Anthony is 4, Nico is 19, and Gabriella is 16.

MiMi: What challenges do you face as a mom who works outside the home and takes care of family?

Sarah: The biggest challenge I face as a working mom is morning routine. My son has epilepsy, and because of this; there are many nights I don’t sleep. There are many nights his sleep is restless. It’s difficult to create and maintain a morning routine that fits into my work schedule because both of us, are always so tired. Another challenge I face has to do with his medical condition. Epilepsy is unpredictable, and I never know when I may need to take him to his doctor’s appointments, or set work aside because of his medical condition. He is also a brain tumor and stroke survivor. He has weekly therapy appointments and has regular doctor’s appointments throughout the year, that most children don’t.  

MiMi: How have you been able to cope with these challenge?

Sarah: I previously worked for someone who didn’t have any understanding or compassion for our situation, and I lost my job because of it. I now work for a company that knows what I face, and is willing to let me take the time I need; and make up my work outside the office when situations arise. I do think working for someone who wasn’t empathetic was good for me when it comes to these challenges. It taught me how important it is to put my children first, regardless of the situation. It gave me the strength to value myself as a worker and expect those I work with to value me as well. I’ve also found a group of supportive women who have helped me to get healthy through an accountability group on Facebook. Their advice and input on morning routines has helped me develop a great one. It has encouraged me to accept that their will be times when I can’t stick to it. They’ve helped me to understand that we all have tough times and to focus on getting back on track,  when I may have fallen out of the routine.

MiMi: What are some of the actvities you like to engage in with your children when you find the time?

Sarah: I love to spend time outside with the kids. My mom lives on the beach. so we go there a lot. I think the outdoors is a great place for kids to learn and it keeps them away from all temptation of excess screen time. I also enjoy watching my son follow in his dad’s footsteps by participating in Jiu Jitsu. We also participate in a lot of community events which is great for kids as well.

MiMi: If you had 1 piece of advice to offer a working mom, what would it be?

Sarah: The biggest piece of advice I have comes from real life experience and going through the process myself. Mom guilt is something we all face and something I don’t think can ever be fully avoided. You really need to make sure you aren’t too hard on yourself as a parent, especially when you are working out of your home. It’s easy to say: “I should of done this” or “I could have done more”, but we are all doing our best. There are no perfect parents out there. If you feel you have failed, focus on why and learn from it. Teaching your kids that failure is apart of life is so important within today’s society because of all the pressure kids face. Find a group of people or 1 person who is a positive support for you and turn to them when you need someone to lift you up. I beat myself up for years as a mom, until I learned my son doesn’t see me the same way I see myself. Try to see yourself through your children’s eyes. Celebrate your good qualities. Your children will benefit from it as well.


I think its amazing you are doing this. It’s always great to see other people (especially moms) lifting eachother up and supporting one another. We’re all in this together and no one’s story is exactly the same, Great job on this series!

MiMi: Thank you so much Sarah for such a candid interview!




  1. Such a good point on the mom guilt, an issue, I think we all live with no matter what ages our children are.

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