Ingredients and Fragrances

Heyy…you came back! Now that you have decided what soap to make, you need to decide if you want to use essential oils, fragrance oils, or both! Essential oil is natural, and comes from plants, flower buds, or even orange peelings. For example: Lavender, Lemongrass, or Rosemary are natural. Fragrance oils are not natural, but fun to use! Do you like the scent of chocolate, strawberry or pina coloda? If you do, then fragrance oils are for you! Many commercial soaps have a high percentage of alcohol and may dry out your beautiful skin! When you make your own soap, you can use ingredients that meet your needs! I like to add vitamin E, this locks in moisture and makes my skin feel great! I also like to add almond milk, this gives my soap more lather and I absolutely  love rich soap that lathers well.

  • Research your oils
  • Remember not all essential oils smell good. Some essential oils smell medicinal, so be careful if your aim is to make a really great smelling natural bar of soap.
  • For every pound of soap, you want to use 0.3 ounces of essential oil.
  • Essential oil is potent, If you use too much, It may harm your beautiful skin!


Come back! I will be discussing gifting! Who doesn’t love soap as a gift?


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