Grocery Store Blues

Most of us have had it at some point in our lives…It’s not the flu. No, it’s grocery store blues! Well, we all have to eat right? Why does it feel like a punishment at times? I wanted to know the biggest pet peeves people have with grocery shopping. Here is what some of you had to say:

  • Lisa: I hate when stupid people stand in the middle aisle and carry on a conversation when I am trying to go past! I also don’t like when someone abandons their cart in the check out line and leaves to go get other items!
  • Shannon: I don’t like when I am looking for a particular item, and there is no one there but me, and then someone comes and invades space, although; I was there first.
  • Mom: I don’t like pushy people.
  • Pam: I don’t like when there is only 2 lanes open!
  • Daria: Ignorant cashiers!
  • Dianne: I don’t like when store clerks follow me

MiMi: I totally agree with all of the above, I must admit, I’m totally guilty of cart ditching, in order to get other items…Shh…do me a favor, don’t tell Lisa!

What gives you blues in the grocery store?


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