Are 2 yr olds getting a bad rap?

Should we really call those adorable, energetic little children terrible? They are really just very curious at this stage and have found their voices, unanimously; around the globe, it is a decision they have made; as they declare their independence!

What is that decision you ask? It is NO! Yes, they have each made a decision not to conform to society’s standards. Some of them feel it is perfectly fine not to wear clothes when it is hot. I think the logic is: “Hey, I came into this world wearing this suit, all of a sudden big people have a problem with it.” Those white living room walls are just torture for some little ones. Why shouldn’t they add a splash of color every now and then?

What about those wonderful oval shaped objects that mom hides in the refrigerator? When broken, these amazing objects release the most fascinating gooey mess ever! It can be terribly irresistible not to drop them on the kitchen floor and watch what happens as this yellow stuff oozes out all over! Relax, it’s discovery time! I wouldn’t get too alarmed, hey…you have a future scientist in the making!

Lipstick! ahhh Lipstick! Mommy puts it on her lips, but toddlers are far more creative than that. They like it so much, they want to spread it on every space on their blodies that is uncovered. Toilet paper does go in the toilet right? You never said how much to toss in!

Food is food mom. If Fido eats it, Why can’t little Johnny? Toddlers love to be creative during potty time. Adults are just wayyy to rigid. Why not try out the big potted plants in the living room? A pot is a pot!

Adults, face it; you just have it all wrong. Loosen up a little, and have some fun! Add some creativity to your life! What is so terrible about being 2? It is an exciting time to learn, discover and share a great meal with the dog!

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