R.A.P.E rummaging another person’s effects

WOW! Could this have happened to me? I feel totally, completely violated! Has someone ever read your personal texts or emails? If so, then you know the feeling. I recently had this happen to me. I’ll refer to this person by the name  of snoopfly. Snoopfly read my personal chats between me and my brother, afterwards; told my sister,(Daria ) that the texts were about her, as well as Snoopfly. This was  clearly an attempt at trying to wedge a gap between me and my sister… needless to say, her efforts were fruitless. I know the day it happened… Snoopfly asked me to borrow my phone, and I got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I almost erased my messages before handing her my phone. I thought “surely not”.  Always follow that gut feeling. Snoopfly was apparently looking for something interesting, and I’m glad I could accomodate. I hope it paid off, I’m sure it did; apparently  the news was so interesting, Snoopfly found it necessary to share it with my sister! Hats off for a successful outcome! I never used to lock my screen before because I didn’t think I had too, needless to say; I will be locking my screen going forward. I actually should thank Snoopfly for helping me to realize that you just can’t be too relaxed. There are still people out there who are looking to cause upset because they are bored and apparently have nothing better to do. The way I see it, it is a win win situation. Snoopfly was satisfied with the research, although; I think science would have been a much better topic. As for me, I got another life lesson: Don’t get too relaxed with anything in life.

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