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Hello there! I was waiting for you! What took you so long? Well, as promised; I want to share some great soaping tips with you. If you haven’t made soap before, and would like to; I will tell you how I got started. YouTube! Yes, that’s right. This was the beginning of my soaping adventures. I am also contemplating selling my products. If I decide not to go that route, I know this will always be a life long hobby, it’s relaxing and super fun! Let, me show you some of the soaps I have made. Lovely, right? Yes, well I am going to give tips on how to do this. It will not be a step by step, simply because I feel you would benefit from making your own unique choices. By the way the picture to the right is lip balm (I make those too, but my specialty is soap). I had to decide if I wanted to make cold process soap or melt and pour. Cold process soap allows you to have more freedom in making a variety of soaps. The melt and pour method is extremely easy, but does not allow you to make as many kinds of soaps as the cold process. I used a beautiful soap mold I purchased from Michaels my favorite craft store!

  • Research cold process soap and melt and pour and decide which you would like to make. It may be both! It is entirely up to you!
  • Cold process includes handling lye, so please be careful; wear safety glasses, gloves and mask!
  • Decide what kind of soap maker you want to be! Do you want to make soap for a hobby or do you want to sell? This is important because this will determine how much of an investment you want to make in purchasing your items to make your soap!
  • Come visit my blog! I will be discussing ingredients and scents! Follow me on twitter, and instagram! I love it when we can talk soap! Come back soon and this time don’t wait so long!


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