Interview 10





MiMi: How many children do you have? What are their names and ages?

Sharon: DJ, and he’s 17.

MiMi: As a working mom, do you find it a challenge to find time to spend with your son?

Sharon: Yes, since he’s a teen; he’s busy with activities at school. We don’t have much in common anymore.

MiMi: Is it easier now that he is a teenager, as opposed to when he was younger?

Sharon: No, when he was younger he would follow my lead and we had so many options, now he has likes and dislikes so it’s more of a negotiation of what we do.

MiMi: How have you been able to cope with this challenge?

Sharon: On my birthday and Mother’s day, he will do anything that I want him to do.

MiMi: What are some of the activities you like to engage in with your son, when you find the time?

Sharon: Each holiday we play a chess tournament, best out of 3. My son is getting into fitness so we train for his first 5k, and will run that Saturday once the school session ends, and he will go to a ball game with me if it involves missing school and being in the luxury box, which my company provides from time to time.

MiMi: If you had 1 piece of advice to give a working mom on coping with the challenges of raising children and working outside the home, what would it be?

Sharon: Be patient and flexible. If there is something you could learn more about to get more time with your child, do it.

MiMi: Thank you for being a part of my Working Mom Series.

Sharon: Thanks for letting me share, and I can’t wait to read the article.


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