Gillian Seetso

AGE: 25




MiMi: What is the meaning behind your blog name “not just another pretty face?”

Gillian: When I chose my name, I chose it because of what people tell me when they see me, and what they expect. Many people have told me that I am pretty, then I open my mouth and they would be shocked. So, my blog name is what I am: not just another pretty face. I am more than meets the eye.

MiMi: How would you describe your sense of style?

Gillian: My sense of style is easy. Boujee on a budget. Ha Ha. Got to look good without breaking the bank, right?

MiMi: Do you feel that your sense of fashion reflects who you are? If yes, how so?

Gillian: I feel like it does a lot because I am a very down to earth girl, but I am always positive and most of the time the life of the party; and that is how I dress. Chilled…but there is something that makes me stand out.

MiMi: What is the lifestyle you seek to promote? Do you feel this lifestyle truly reflects who you are, or is it a work in progress?

Gillian: The lifestyle I seek to promote really does reflect who I am. I am a young adult Christian. I am still trying to find my feet, and with that; sometimes I make the wrong lifestyle choices…but, in the end, I learn and gain so much from it. Life is about learning and exploring, and that is what my blog is all about; living the lifestyle while being able to stay true to myself.

MiMi: Who’s sense of fashion inspires you?

Gillian: ohhh there are a few. Bonang Matheba (South African TV personality) Beyonce, Ryan Destiny (Alexandra Crane on Star).

MiMi: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gillian: In 10 years time, I see myself; living in London, being a successful Fashion Photographer, but also working in the finance world. Hopefully, by that time I would have found my lost Jean Pierre, and be married. I would still be doing my blog, as it will be my baby and I still want to reach people. It doesn’t matter in what stage I am in my life. One thing I have learned is: I can make my plans, but in the end; God knows what awaits me in the future, I just need to be humble and trust him.

MiMi: Thank you, Gillian, for being willing to share your thoughts on lifestyle and fashion.

Gillian: If there is one thing I could say, it is…In this day and age, we live in, it is so easy to get lost. Don’t ever dim your light for anybody, because baby you were meant to shine! Let’s Glow and Grow together. xoxo

MiMi: Gillian Seetso is a Media Manager, Lifestyle Blogger, and Content Creator. Please visit her amazing photographs at her website listed above and also at:


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